Support and Delivery


All Clark Forest Machine Tracks are manufactured from heat treated boron alloy steel, which can be welded like any conventional high strength alloy steel.

  1. The material must be clean and dry and prepared for welding.
  2. Preheating to approximately 200°C is desirable.
  3. Normal welding materials may be used for gas-shielded metal inert gas (MIG) welding.

Please consult Clark Tracks Technical Support Department prior to commencing repairs.

We pride ourselves on the level of technical support and backup we can offer our dealers and customers both through information contained in this unique handbook and in the technical ability of our staff to solve problems.
We are also willing to talk directly with customers who require technical assistance even out of office hours. We are only a phone call away.


Each set of Clark Tracks are supplied in four quarter sections and comes complete with all necessary joining links. Tracks are normally packed on two open pallets for shipping with two sections rolled per pallet.